[Bug] Trails of Strength, Boss Revive not end of turn

[Bug] Trails of Strength, Boss Revive not end of turn

2019-Jan-16 @ 1:50P UTC
iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 11.4

The way I understand Revive, it applies at end of turn.

During Trials of Strength, Medium, one boss appeared to revive ( the Revive symbol flashed over him ) and immediately die from the next match / board / physical damage from a combo.

Remaining boss is Azlar.

Is it possible it died from DoT from your Azlar? I notice the Azlar boss appears to have DoT fire applied as well, and I’ve seen people elsewhere say that a revived hero with a DoT status effect on it will die again after revival.


@Kerridoc is that correct, DOTs prevents revive ability from working at all. Or is there supposed to be one turn between the Revive and death by DOT

My understanding from what @Kerridoc said is that there still should have been one turn after revival. But I’m wondering if basically nothing happened in that turn and then the DoT killed him again.

DoT is always applied at the end of the turn, so I’m guessing that Azlar didn’t have anything to do in his turn, with neither his slash nor special ready.

To clarify, I was talking about @Gryphonknight’s Azlar applying DoT, not the boss Azlar. You can see the boss Azlar currently has a fire DoT status effect, presumably from @Gryphonknight’s Azlar. I assumed the boss that died also had the same DoT on it.

EDIT: Oh, maybe I misunderstood what you meant. Are you saying that the turn ended immediately because the remaining Azlar boss had nothing to do, and then the DoT from @Gryphonknight’s Azlar applied and re-killed the other boss?


I wasn’t screen casting because I did not expect a combo.

@Petri, could the programmers put in a delay if a boss has a null turn? That would help identify if this is a bug, or GUI problem.

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FWIW, my alt was doing the trials and killed Oberon, who was at full mana. He Revived, cast at the beginning of the next turn, and died on reflected damage from my Obakan.


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