Bug: ToL shows Clarissa instead of Margaret

The title says it all. Tap for Margaret info:

Get Clarissa:

When you click on the left side, where Margaret is, you see Margaret’s card.
When you click on the right side (where the question mark is), you see the current HotM who is Clarissa. This is what happens during all portals. It’s working as intended for me.


Yes, exactly like Atlantis Portal: You see the featured hero if you click on them in the banner and you see the current HotM when you click the “?”

Must be intentionally


As above it’s a weird thing that’s not unique to this portal but is the same with all the different featured portals.

The same happens with Atlantis, Valhalla and Events where the ? Icon is there the whole month long for the HotM.

I’ve seen it in the other portals as well. But if ToL does not offer the current HOTM it’s a bit misleading to access that card from the ToL portal.
Odd to me that it’s there. Only a few people can say whether it is intended or not and I know that I’m not one of them.
And yes, it is the ? That brings Clarissa.


It’s not actually in the Legends Portal, but the stage before, which has all the summons portals visible - so Clarissa is relevant to the elemental and epic portals. If you click through to the Legends portal, there is no mention of Clarissa.

I agree one could argue that it is still misleading though.

That’s a good point, that the ? Is relevant to other portals but confusing with the Margaret image.
Perhaps that’s why. As presented it’s just plain weird but probably not broken.


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