BUG: the opponent's ailments do not work after the victory!

I once wrote about one serious bug in the game: if, when attacking an opponent in a war or raids, all my heroes are dead, but the opponent’s healer managed to gain full mana, then he restores the health of his entire team, even though me all the heroes are dead and I have nothing to answer my opponent! I was told that this is supposedly not a bug, since the last move of the healer can affect the outcome of the battle! Yes, it does, but only in war, because of this bug I score less points, and that’s it! In raids, this bug has no effect: if the opponent wins, then you win, no matter how many health points his heroes have, 1 or 1000!
But I noticed another serious bug: if by the time my team dies completely, the opponent’s heroes have ailments, then the moment my last hero dies, the game immediately stops, the opponent is awarded a victory, but … WORK, and the opponent’s heroes do not get less points! Logically speaking, illnesses on the last turn can also affect the outcome of the battle!
Developers, let’s be honest to the end: either make sure that the opponent’s healer does not restore the health of his team when all my heroes are dead, and the game stops immediately, as expected, or make the opponent’s heroes’ ailments work on the latter too even after the last hero on my team was killed! According to the description, the ailments should reduce the health of the heroes at the end of each turn, the opponent, having killed my last hero, made a move, so why does the ailment not work after that?


This is just a guess, but the order of the opponent’s turn goes - specials, normal (slash) attack then ailments. So the healing special would be at the start of their turn, but once they can’t launch a slash attack the bout ends, i.e. before ailments are assessed.

This should mean a heal over time (c.Rigard among others) wouldn’t work either.

I wrote this for a reason! I had a case in the war: I attacked a rival, I still have Mariana, the sopranic-June in a suit. My Mariana hit Jun with magic, killed him, but thanks to the talent, Jun revived with 1 health point and hit back at my Mariana, killing her, her evasion talent did not work! As a result, June with 1 health point remained alive, the opponent was awarded the victory, although after his blow, June was OBLIGED to lose this point, because he had an illness from Mariana!
That’s why I brought up this topic: if the opponent’s healer can heal and revive on the last move (!!!) so, even if my team is completely dead, why can’t the opponent lose health points due to illness after the last move in the same conditions?

Just a guess, but I suspect that Damage over Time, and Heal over Time occur at the beginning of the next turn. So in this case:

Turn starts;
Heal over time / Damage over time;
Attacker turn:
Action: Marjana fires hitting Joon, killing Joon;
Healing: Any instantaneous healing;
Defender turn:
Action: Joon revives and kills Marjana;
Healing: Any instantaneous healing.
End of Turn.

The offensive team also doesn’t get ailments when a battle ends.

If you have 1 hero left, with 1 HP left, and with poison, you don’t have to worry about removing that poison if you can manage to kill all the opponents in your turn. The game will ignore your poison and grant you the win.

  • Offensive team wins and have healing available -> No need to heal, offense is granted the win.

  • Offensive team wins and have ailments -> Ailments are ignored, offense is granted the win.

  • Defensive team wins and have healing available -> They can get the extra heal, useful for them in wars (you should flee if you know you are going to lose, so you can avoid the extra healing)

  • Defensive team wins and have ailments -> Ailments are ignored, defense is granted the win.

Exactly this would be my guess. After your team is dead, the opponent’s healer does the last move and heals the team- game over.

Damage over time comes AFTER your opponent’s turn, so the the healer could heal the team as a last turn, but after the opponent’s turn, the game is over and the DoT never applies.

On the plus side, you can actually win while losing. I did it last war. My only hero left was elena, and the enemy only had Fenrir. Fenrir hit my elena and killed her but elena had riposte on so Fenrir died as well. I got a defeat screen but got 51 points which was equal to a onehit victory. If i remember correctly if you kill the enemy while having ailments the effects or DoT wont rick down on you either. Its really weird.

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No, you’re wrong: ailments work at the END of every turn! Think logically: if the ailments worked at the beginning of each turn, then the chain is like this: my Mariana kills June-June is reborn with 1 health point, but immediately dies before she can strike-Mariana won, end of fight! However, June managed to strike, killing my Mariana

For the attacking team, it doesn’t matter if the healer heals the entire team after winning or not! It is the same with ailments: for the attacking team, if they win, they do not matter!
And for the defending team, they are of great importance in the war!

That’s what I’m saying, almost exactly the same what I wrote.

But you want ailments to work at the very end of the battle? Work for whom? Defense and also offense?

If they work for defense then you could get some extra points in war, but the battle will be a defeat for you no matter what (you don’t win cups in raids for example). And if you want consistency then ailments should work on offense too, but in that case you must remove an ailment before the battle ends because an ailment can turn your win into a defeat (and you will lose cups in raids).

Currently ailments doesn’t work at the very end of the battle and in wars you must be aware that healing can make you lose points so you have to flee if you know you are going to lose and they have healing ready.

From my experience, I interpret the sequence in this way:

All heroes revive (from fighter skill)

From my experience using Proteus is this (for the times fighters revive multiple times in a row):
Kill fighter, he goes into ghost mode and I finish my turn
He revives, and then is killed by poison and goes into ghost mode, and then I get my turn which I have nothing to do.

So the question is if the revive and HoT/DoT occurs at the beginning or the end of the turn. My interpretation is that it is the beginning since the description of the HoT/DoT always states XXX HP/Y turns. I always interpret that as turns AFTER you fire. In other words, you fire HoT in turn 1, defender attacks, and the turn is over. At the beginning of Turn 2, you get the healing and then you get your actions.

But I’ll have to take a look the next time one of my fighters has an ailment and revives. I forget if they revive and immediately die, or if I get a chance to fire their special.

I think this is a good indication that ailments occur at the beginning of the round rather than the end. I’ve won raids while my heroes had ailments, but they never take damage after my actions that kill the defenders.

So after playing a few more times, it looks like I was wrong. Revive occurs at the beginning of the Attacker/Defender’s turn.

So the sequence of the round seems to be:
Attacker turn: Revive, Specials, Tiles
Defender: Revive, attacks.

So with that sequence it looks like things are working as intended.

  1. You kill Joon with Marjana, and he goes into ghost mode…
  2. Joon revives, and fires his special
  3. Round is over.

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