Bug, the game crashes in the middle of a level

The game crashed in the middle of a level of Tavern of Legends. The phone screen went black and I went back to the home screen. When I reopened the game, it took 10 seconds and the game closed again. I checked if it was my phones problem (it wasn’t), if the game was on the latest version (it was), I didn’t find any reason for that to happen. And now I lost the heroes I had planned to play the stage with (it was 4200 power stage, and my team had 4350). I won’t be able to complete the event because of this bug. What do I do?

One of my alliance members is also having the same issue

Try contacting support in the in-game chat about the problem.

I’ve been having this issue for months. Annoyingly, one of the fixes they suggest causes your account number to change, so your support ticket gets lost in the aethers. I now religously clear my cache and data, and play store cache, in the hopes the game will be stable through my war, titan, and tourney hits. Playing any quests with restrictions is like playing roulette. I only made it through the last super elemental quest by planning out nearly twice as many teams as actually needed (which got significantly harder on the harder levels); had three crashes overall on that quest series.