Bug Tettukh/Merlin?

In a particularly tricky fight, I used Tettukh’s special ability on Kalo, and on the following turn, Merlin’s one. With the next tokens I hit Kalo and his mana bar was filled. I expected him to then cast Mindless attack on an ally and their mana bar would deplete, but instead this, the turns went by without depleting the bar, and when both effects disappeared he did his special.
I think this is a bug, since Merlin’s ability text says “when mana is full”, not “when he is going to cast his special ability”.

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Cannot “cast” a mindless attack (skill) in silence.


I don’t think it’s a bug… given that Tettukh’s special is mute, it overlaps and cancels Merlin’s special

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But Tettukh silence prevented Kalo from casting his special. Those two special skill together do not work well.

Tettukh’s special should work with Gretel or Hansel - still I think should not be used together. You could block two different hero’s at the same time or one hero for more turns by using their specials one after another.


You either use Silence or MA.

Can’t use MA after you have silenced Kalo.

With his mana bar full, Silence saved Kalo and his allies, when Kalo was inflicted with MA: Kalo can’t react.

When both ailments expired, Kalo’s mana bar was full, and he activated as expected.

If you knew that you can push Kalo’s mana to full, and you have both Tettukh and Merlin activated, choose 1.

Don’t use both. Use the other special on another enemy. Or hold that special for when it’s needed.


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