[Bug?/ Tactic?] v1.10.0 Gambler's Stance & Riposte & Fog of the Fallen- SOLVED

[Bug?/ Tactic?] v1.10.0 Gambler’s Stance & Riposte & Fog of the Fallen

Is this working as intended?

I have screen shots from two raids in v1.10.0, where Fog of the Fallen, during an active Gambler’s Stance ( which has a blind debuff ), removes Perfect Riposte from 1 of the 2 remaining heroes.

Raid A
8/8 4* green Caedmon- 700/ 1107 HP- no Riposte
8/8 4* blue Boril - 234/ 1149 HP- Riposte with 3 turns left

Raid B
8/8 4* blue Boril- 772/ 1032 HP- no Riposte
8/8 4* purple Rigard- 958/ 958 HP- Riposte with 5 turns left

P.S. I love iOS 11’s control panel- screen cast/ video screen capture option.

That is working as designed. The healing portion of Fog is not subject to Gambler’s Stance. The remove opponent buff portion is deemed as an offensive strike and is subject to a per-hero failing throw.

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