Bug Rigard with costume fully skilled

Hello everybody,
I have Rigard fully skilled with costume fully skilled, normaly when using competence he give to all heroes 203 pt healing 3 time for a total of 609 pt but he only give 1 time 203 pt, more strange : if you use his competence simultaneously with telluria’s competence its only the healing of telluria who works!!!
Can you explain that ??? Is it a bug ??? if not the costume of Rigard is totally efficientless compared with Rigard without costume who give 42% of healing!!!

  1. HoTs override each other, so, if you use Telly after C.Rigard, only Telly’s heal will works. It is intended.
  2. If you are playing Magic Night on Atlantis or hitted by a dispeler (like Sonya), then C.Rigard will stop heal, because his heal is a status effect. It is also intended.

Rigard is good in both forms, you absolutely need at least 3 of them, I think.


Ok so i have spent a lot of food and some items for a sheat!!!

this costume is a nonsense

Costume bonus on normal Rigard is also very good, if you like normal more.

Try C.Rigard on a white griffin with Tarlak or Miki and with Tiburtus and Panther)) Your damage will be higher than the moon on the sky)))

I dont have this combination of heroes and I certainly never had it with my combination (Rigard, Chao Fenrir Telluria and Jean christophe The C Rigard is a disaster!!!

I have to disagree…
Costume rigard is nowadays one of my most valuable heroes (all 5 of then even non emblemed)…
But with that team composition. Try to use regular rigard for instant heal and let telly do her hot.

Edit: and I have 33 full 5*

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You fighting whte titans with this heroes? Not even Tiburtus?

Hope it’s not a titan team

C.Rigard is useful on every titan for me (except those harpy). For example, on red titan I will take Wu, Vela, Grimm, Nordri and Rigard (do not have a maxed Kiril yet).

I use him too but just on yellow ones… But the set up the OP posted doesn’t look like a titan team… Maybe a defense team I think

If you have an standard attack buffer in every color, yes, C.Rigard is only for white ones. But if I do not have an attack buffer in color, I will take C.Rigard over BT.

I m in a little alliance where 50% of players make their upgrade so I only fight 3*** titans for the instant but in quest my team permits me to easely finish rare quests (with normal Rigard) I only try C Rigard in the actual event (advanced 19) and it s berezina!!! with normal Rigard I easely finish the advanced…
But thank you for your explanations and I have Tiburtus (with costume) so I think I can made a 4*** team with C Rigard C Tiburtus Cyprian Boomer Stonecleave, I think it coud be a good team for Tournament isnt it?

If you like mono, sure, it can work. But we are talking mostly about titans.

On non-Titan usage:

  1. If you are fighting in raids/wars, then C.Rigard can save your team more than usual Rigard, but beware from the dispellers.
  2. C.Rigard+C.Tiburtus+Cyprian + 2 Healers in other colors is very good PvE team for those costume quests and completion (not competition) of Challenge Events.

My actually 4**** Team is Rigard Chao Sonya Sumle and Melendor

For tournament 4*** and C SkittleHull when other colors are forbidden

Then you can add Melendor to C.Rigard+C.Tiburtus+Cyprian+Melendor+Telluria.
Very good PvE team, you will finish almost all events like a breeze (only Alice not, The Hatter will ruin a combo).

If defence, then, sure, it can work. But what other 4* options you have?

for the moment I have no other 4* fully skilled but I actually up
In fire red : Colen Kelile C Boldtusk
In nature : Caedmon Kashhrek and Ptit Jean
In Saint : C.Li Xiu, Brume Danzaburo, Hu Tao and Wu Kong
In Ice : Boril Triton Kiril Grimm
In dark : Protee

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