Bug or just a minor oversight? Purchased Tokens and the summon gate says (FREE); concerned

I don’t know if this my imagination or not but 6 of 7 of my recent but rare 4 stars came from gems that were purchased. Free tokens seem to invariably produce a lesser result my 2 last ‘genuinely free’ epic tokens; hero and troops gave me totally worthless food and the 4th yellow three star troop duplicate, seemingly, in a row. I went out of my comfort zone, shelled out money and it is telling me they were free so I don’t want to use them while the server and programmed number generator are telling me that.

If someone from SGG could confirm that all epic tokens are created equal and are treated by the software exactly the same as if I spent money on them (which I did out of sheer frustration) and not as just an icon that represents a paid for token but with a lesser value due to being a giveaway?

Thank you in advance.


You can’t buy single summonings on a particular gate as long as you have a free method of getting summonings from that gate. So, if you have 7 EHT and want to do 8 summonings on the Epic gate, you would do 7 token summonings and then pay for the 8th.

Also, the system doesn’t distinguish at all between how you got a token. A token is a token is a token, no matter whether bought, earned, or won.

I would be surprised if SG comments directly on this, since the published probabilities are for the summoning gate, not the method of using it. Token pulls are the same as single pulls are the same as 10-pulls (and the same as 30-pulls if the gate supports that).

On the Epic gate, the published probabilities are:
3* 72.00%
4* 26.50%
5* 1.50%

So the expectation is that 72 out of every 100 summonings will be 3*. If you aren’t getting mostly feeders, that would actually be a surprising result.

@KiraSG, @ScottySG?


Thank you; that was all that was required, the hint of condescension was a bit uncalled for I feel.

Despite that, thank you again.

I was not at all trying to be condescending, just very clear so there wasn’t any confusion. I’m sorry it came across as condescension.

I myself wasn’t 100% clear on which parts were concerning to you (if only the question of whether purchased tokens are the same as tokens from play, or were tokens the same as directly purchasing summonings also).


I have to take valium to read your responses so it took a while: And where did I complain about 4*'s? I am well outside the normal range, I posted earlier where I had looked it up; no matter how bad they are 10 in 15 of the last epic/elemental/atlantis summons were 4*'s and three of those replacing those the day after the same I had used for food is well above the statistics posted, but not improbable

Fun fact: you know how people are posting and boasting about what they got from their last “real free” ETT was a 4*green. Take a guess what I just ‘randomly’ got from the exact same?

I don’t know. What is this question in reference to?

I don’t, actually. Would you mind linking the thread so I can take a look?


It is only three posts above this (how do I link to the same thread?). The implication is you would be surprised if I got nothing but food. I’m commenting on them replacing food with dopplegangers instantly on the next summons immmediately after I have fed them to others. Fun fact; this does not apply to useful heroes. Hu Tao and his clone Pandas will never submit!!!

You said: “You know how people are posting and boasting about how about what they got from their last ‘real free’ ETT was a 4*green.”

No one posted anything like that in this thread that I can see. So I was asking if you would link me to the thread where they were saying/posting that.


Silver lining and all that…


There is nothing in the Damage Calculation thread where I have contradicted myself on how to calculate the probability of summoning.

Here is the start of the chain of discussion in which you are accusing me of “publicly mocking” you:

You started off by accusing another player, incorrectly, of getting the math wrong, and finished by accusing me, incorrectly, of deleting posts of yours.

I’ll add that pointing out that you are wrong, and that you are saying things unclearly and in a way that provides a false impression of how something works (“garbled”) is not the same as mocking you.

I honestly don’t know how to make sense of this statement. The only things I wrote to you yesterday were a pair of questions to you, and a follow-up clarification when your reply didn’t make sense to me. Those posts are all in this thread, and I invite anyone to point out where I am mocking you.

I didn’t make you read anything at all before posting, let alone 4 times. There is no mechanism by which I could make you read anything before posting.

Hi there. Per Forum Rules, you are welcome to jump in and enjoy the community here by constructive civilized conversation.

Please keep accusations to a minimum, and trolling nonexistent.

Posts may be warned or removed without warning if they cannot follow Forum Rules.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Which I have read multiple times now as ‘people’ always refer the Terms and Conditions but not the term or condition they are referring to. I do not expect to follow the rules to the exact letter of the wording required as suggested by you all and SGG; ask a question and be the object of a condescending reponse.
Hypocrisy makes me insanely angry (just fyi).

I just realised, you were my purple good luck charm where i got Rigard or Cyprian, plus 3 x 1**, 2 x 1 * and one 3*** and my trainer pits all turning out purple hero food. All purple TH in 36 hours; thanks for that magic voodoo.


Free tokens are awesome.

I think you are taking the ‘miki’ out of me… Hawkmoon is food but the other? You got two for one token?

Nice one.:+1:

2 tokens, 1st Isarnia, 2nd Hawk food and a Bonus Draw with Miki.

100% 5* from these 2 tokens.

But I already had 10 pulls with only 3*, too.

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Seems about right. I had 10 EHT and got leonidas quintas and Miki with an extra Sonya an extra gormek. And rest was food. Give me that luck anytime. :sunglasses:

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And finally, for the idiotic conclusion to this story, weeks later, that EHT gave me Vivica, my first ever 5* today when I turned in some tokens and she even seems to have okay stats. Haven’t checked her out fully but I would have preferred it if she looked similar to Layla my second all time favourite. Sha Ji and her at 20 emblems are awesome (a sentimental luxury that I was happy to pay for the space to keep.

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