Bug or hidden update? [Answer: There is a new update out]

Unfortunately I have no photo. I just raided someone, with eastern european name so am afraid cannot find again, and lost the match then immediately asked for a rematch and got the notice he as using a different version??!!

You can always check who you raided in your tower.


I’ve got E&P update on Android just seconds ago, to v. 21.0.2 build 1050


Hi guys!
Searching a raid, attack, lost it and then after rematch this error came up…



I’m not aware of any update, so i think is something wrong in here…

Oh…but why there isn’t that message on his profile “the player is playing on different app version” ?

Good question. I don’t know, and I believe today is a bank holiday in Finland. So the chances of an answer are low.

Hello everyone, if you are encountering this issue, please send us a Support ticket so we can investigate further.

@Branwen, @RAndrei


Thank you J.O. I notice both Randrei and my issue happened exactly the same way, a lost match and on requesting a remeatch, the message of different versions. I really cannot believe that our adversaries updated exactly that moment.

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