Bug or hack

In one of my accounts, not the main one, there is this strange feature

On cclicking on the tag :

Clicking the update button takes me to itunes store, which has an update available:

Upon clicking on update, a warning appears saying the “discount” price is only valid for those who had an older version of the app (???), and if willing to pay full price to click on “buy”. If clicking on buy, the same message appears on loop.

The account is running on an earlier version
I would send it to support but for the fact that it might get confused with my main account


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Thank you for reporting this - we’ll investigate the issue here!


I also got the update message and updated. I wasnt asked to pay anything though. Looking in the update forums theres no mention of an update or a changelog. Was it bad for me to install?

They only announce major releases. Smaller releases containing only minor bug fixes aren’t announced in the forum. I had a couple of updates recently, the latest one was to version 22.1.3

Although I never had in-game notification about update.

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Ya I’m up to 22.1.3 as well now. Weird thing is that it didnt send me to the usual Google playstore to update as it normally does. Hopefully it’s nothing.

Well I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good if it wasn’t through Google Play. Do you have disabled option to install apps from unknown sources? It’s better to disable it unless you know what you’re doing.

Mines enabled so apparently it was through a known source. Hopefully that’ll be assuring enough

I guess the real question is if SG did indeed roll out with this minor update recently and if that icon is normal. @Petri can you confirm? Advising my alliance member not to do anything if they see that icon until we have more info.

That is a minor update rolled some time ago. My main account has it. I cannot vouch for google play, but my update button took me to i tunes store for sure

@Petri now the update is mandatory, but still getting the buy loop at i tunes store

Please #contact-support so we can investigate this!

I sent support the video of it happening.
Solved the problem by deleting and reinstalling the game, but it is curious why it happened at all

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