Bug on score. clash of knight's event

No words needed, after this, my Ally mate. Mafe. Increased the alliance score, and then saw his personal score been reduced. What is this?

This is a big problem cause we fight to stay on top 100, and this could be an issue.

It looks like a similar issue occured during the last Clash of Knights event:

@Dudeious.Maximus / @Guvnor
Can you notify @Petri about this ?


Flagged but no guarantees that they’ll see it before the event ends.

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I would submit a support ticket right now, the event ends soon. Ensure your alliance mate takes screenshots of his levels and submit everything.


Thank you for the report. We are looking into this here!


After contacting suport in game too, an icon minus 1 is created… Solved.

I have the problem with miscalculations in event points too.
total must be 2114118
but it is 2069560
and it was 2069560 in the end and in the total aliance score


It’s already reported. Thanks for sharing.

Players who had this prob. Should already be contacted. If not it will soon. Thanks again for reporting

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