Bug on S2 27-9 hard

I was right at the end of this level, which was my last one to complete S2 hard. You can imagine my surprise and frustration when the last heroes disappeared, but the level did not end. Then hits started coming at me, out of what looked like thin air! I took a few hits while I worked out what was going on. Atomos had resurrected, but he was invisible…

I ended up using gems to stay alive. I was prepared to use 75, but not to use gems to stay alive TWO more times, costing me quite a lot now I’m ftp. Will I be refunded those gems? I used them because the bug interfered with my gameplay. Now I don’t have enough for the Atlantis summons I was saving for.

A free Atlantis summon to replace what I lost would be appreciated, or the 2nd and 3rd ‘stay alive’ gem purchase balances.

Thank you.

You should definitely submit a support ticket. Make sure to include the screen shots, and the approximate time this happened. Here’s how:

But I’m not clear how your spending on the continues multiple times is related to Atomos turning invisible after resurrection (which seem to be a purely visual issue). After all, resurrection is a core ability of his, so the fact that he rezzed and needed to still be fought isn’t a bug in and of itself. Did your specials not hit him after he rezzed? Did tiles not hit him?



Man I would have just took the loss and start over the stage on Hard , lose 14 world energy ( or how much it cost than 75 gems X 3 ) :confused:

Tough luck… but yea listen to @Garanwyn and send a trouble ticket.


Thank you Garanwyn.

I have submitted a ticket.

The issue is that due to no heroes shown on screen, I didn’t know what was happening. You can see from the screenshots that I took major damage whilst enemy hero was invisible.

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Good luck. I hope they can help you. I’m not sure what they might do in the way of compensation, but a support ticket is definitely your best bet.


We had similar issues once but in this case is was during PvP and you could still see the colored rings.
As this happened on map the rings are not shown here… @Petri @Sara


Thanks Sorsha.
Were you compensated?

Sorry to hear about your trouble, friend.

On a side note, I heard a lot about how annoying Atomos could be with his resurrection. So I brought two Proteus with me for this level. Atomos ended up not firing his special even once lol

Was not my issue…never was personally compensated only generally. Don’t know if they do that…on other hand what would compensation look like? Another WE or raid flask?

I was compensated with 100 Atlantis coins.
I’m happy with that as I was going to use the gems for an Atlantis summons anyway.

Respect to SGG.


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