Bug on heroes chest

Today i filled my heroes chest and it didn’t gave me the reward, just reset without giving anything. Could be related to the time change to winter time?
Please check it. Thank you

Have you checked your inventory? Also, have you sent a support ticket? If you haven’t I’d suggest you do, ensure you include the date, time & time zone occurred.

Hope it gets resolved for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, yes I checked my inventory and didn’t notice any difference (I may be wrong). Also, this is where it takes me when i open support in the application.

If you can explain me how to open a support ticket properly I will realley appreciate it, thank you.

Kind regards

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I believe that’s over here:


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Monster chest. Few food and irons 1 string and 2 gems. Call it a day and just farm the next one. Most common case is that the animation wasn’t displayed but you received everything.

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