Bug on Goblin crates

I just got 2 x troops from goblin crates but when I went to barracks - troops, they are not shown. Please fix this bug. Thanks

That’s not a bug… if I’m not mistaken, you have to pay to get the items.

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The Troops (like everything else in a goblin crate) will stay in your Goblin Balloon until they are purchased.

Only when purchased do you get ahold of whatever loot was in the crates. Note that with troops, they are level 1 when purchased. You then have to level them up to max.

I thought only mystery crate that needs purchase but goblin crates are free. Can you confirm this?

Nope - you have to pay to get any of the items in the troll balloon. You get the bonus crate if you wait until you get all 5 troll crates and then buy.

If you don’t want to buy, you can recycle the troll when you gather all 5 crates - you’ll get some scraps and hot garbage in return.

No. You don’t get any of the crate contents for free.

When you’ve gotten 5 crates the “free” option appears which is to recycle all 5 crates for some randomised loot.

All explained & outlined in great detail here: [Master] Goblin Balloon -- Explanation & Loot Tracking