Bug on Cypria counterattack

There is a bug, that takes place each time, when oneshoters like Lianna, Sartana, Alacie etc hit him. Cyprian should reflect 115% of damge dealt, but he reflects not more than 50% and even lower!

What was LITERALLY the first post in this category when you made this post? Let me show you:


This issue has been adressed in several threads. You didn’t even need to do a search to find them…

(And sorry if I sound harsh – but trying to find out if others are experiencing the same thing before making a(nother) post about it, would generally be a good idea.)

It been reported on 10 topics.
All the counter attack heros
Are broken.

I wonder why Wulber aint affected by this bug?

You forgot Boss Wolf. Is that a separate issue? Maybe I should start a topic about it. :thinking:

:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, I’m so sorry for this post. So many topics about this problem alredy exist, so many people complain about this bug, some of them i guess paid money for those counterattackers, and i haven’t wasted some more of my time to find and read all of them. I faced with a bug and complain about! Support team should solve it as fast as possible and report to me about the results instead of demagogy about reading hundreds of posts about the bugs!

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This is a user forum, so you’ll mostly be reaching other players, and get responses from other players. If you see it as a waste of your time to even glance at the current topics in the Bugs & Issues category, and want SG:s support team to report back to you personally, you should send a support ticket instead.

And believe me – many of us are waiting for a fix of this bug+issue! :wink:

I guessed that it is a user’s forum, but when i try to connect with support each time i’m been thrown to this forum and i can’t find how to connect support directly. So finally i had to write that post. I didn’t want to start any topic or discussion at all

Click on support in game, then technical help.

That being said, I understand this to actually be a fix, not a bug.

It is intentional that killing a riposte hero prevents them reflecting damage

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Found that finally. Thx