Bug Noticed In War - Alliance Members Reviving Too Early

This is the second war in which myself and my alliance members have noticed this bug. The opposition team will kill off the war defense team (either mine or one of the other players on our alliance team)

I’ll check back an hour or two later and we have revived. I thought that the revival rate is supposed to be 8 or 9 hours ?

Certainly seems quite unfair if our alliance has to wait so long while the opposition alliance keeps getting repeated attacks on us.

I will post some screenshots close to the end of this war, as it will show some of our newest/weaker players getting killed more times than should be possible during the length of a war period.

Are you guys being reset?

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Hi Rigs,

If by reset you mean our entire alliance was killed off, I believe this may have happened this time around.
I don’t believe it happened the last war though, only certain players were killed off.

You see the first time it happened I thought that I must be remembering incorrectly …
So this time I took a mental note of the players that were killed off right away on our alliance, it just so happens that this war the opposition’s team’s are much stronger than most of our team.

My team was also killed off right at the beginning, I checked about 2 hours after the start of the war and boom, my team and all the other player’s team’s had magically revived. Way too early for the time limit.

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Only way i know of that happening is through a reset which you should be able to tell if that was the case by looking at the score/attack tracker. But if it happened to already be the case this time around then i guess try to catch it next war?

And yes a reset = 1 alliance’s entire defense teams were defeated and instantly revived

Solved. Without 20 posts.

Hi Rigs,

Thank you for pointing this out, I was able to confirm this on small giants change log for the wars implementation.
Much appreciated


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