Bug: No tournament tab in raids despite joining and setting a defense (V20, First Raid Tournament)

The game asked if I wanted ro participate in the raid tournament. I said yes. Players were picked. Now I can’t use players as feeders because I couldn’t find how to change it (which I only knew because the heroes I wanted to use were grayed out and said currently in raid tournament defense team). That helped me find out that the tournament tab is missing from the raids tab (on my game).


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I have no tournament tab in raids!! I was asked if I wanted to join, I said yes, players were chosen, but now I can’t find a ways to get to the tournament and apparently everything pertaining to it is missing from my game, except I can’t use a few of my heroes as feeders bc it says they are on The raid tournament defense team!!

Hi @Justme721, welcome to the Forum!

And sorry to hear you’re having problems getting into the Tournament. :confused:

Can you please post screenshots here of your Raid screen, the hero roster message you mentioned, and anything else related so I can make a bug report thread for you?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Justme721 did u make sure latest version was updated of the game?

Latest update- yes and I can only attach one ss at a time since I’m new (upload://1fl7uZAQZoe4RDbN6xhtJOSxMh.jpeg)

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Thanks!! Any other info I missed?

I just created a thread because I hadn’t seen a new one yet :slight_smile:

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It looks like that first one of your Raid screen didn’t upload — can you try that again, please?

EDIT: I just saw you created a thread already. Moving these there.

Can you see them all on this thread?

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Yep, all set! :slight_smile:

I moved our posts from the other thread here so they wouldn’t be jumbled in with all of the other feedback.

My tournament tab is missing from the raids page

Am I really the only person in the world this happened to? This is the 1st game I’ve actually spent money on in awhile. I don’t want to start over but I contacted support through email and no help yet…

I haven’t seen anyone else post about it yet, but it seems a bit hard to imagine you’d literally be the only person out of millions who’s having this problem.

Unfortunately, I think SGG Support probably has quite a lot of tickets from the recent Version 20 update and the launch of the Raid Tournament — plus most of their staff don’t work on weekends.

So I think it’ll probably take a few days for them to get back to you. :confused:

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mi hija con su equipo tampoco puede jugar, le falta la pestaña de torneo

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