[Bug] Mine Iron quest loot or Small Treasure Chest from level completion

So when completing a level you get Iron and Food plus a small treasure chest. I know the chest includes troops and materials along with found heroes and support troops. But if the number is 30 from a Troop Quest is there something missing because only a total of 29 items showed up. I have noticed this a lot lately. It is hard to do a screenshots because you see how many tiny chest are in one screen and the results in the next screen. So how do show proof that this happens?

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I think you’re referring to the small chest in the upper left? That chest seems to represent the total number of recruits + items + heroes you receive. Troops do not count to that total, and if you get more than one of an item, each one is counted.

The small troops in the top right of what you get from a level IS counted from the small chest from the previous screen at the end of the level. Even heroes and support troops are also a part of that count. I see with the items I receive has a x a quantity under them. So I do know what I’m taking about because I have been playing this game for about 8 months now. I count the troops and items I receive plus heroes and support troops. If the troops weren’t counted then you would be missing more items from the level you just completed. And when I say troops I do mean recruits. Notice when I talk about the “troops” I put support in front of troops. But heroes and Support Troops are counted.

Screenshots are helpful to determine what you are seeing.

If you count Recruits + (any) heroes + all Items, are you certain you are missing something?

Photo please, so your fellow players can help you sort it. :slight_smile:

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Next time I do the Recruits Quest I will screenshots every win and results or rewards.

I understand what you’re saying (a 30-Recruits level should reward 30 recruits). It’s just hard to acknowledge this problem without a screenshot.

My usual advice (once you have said screenshot), is to contact Game Support:


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Check the small chest in the upper left hand corner then count the recruits and items I got from the level. It seems to happen only on the Common Quest.

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I’m wondering if the missing items are recruits? Though that would still be 9 Items then, not ten…unless exp counts as 1? :face_with_monocle:


I’ve never noticed the small chest number not matching to the items in loot. Now I’m gonna start watching for this same kind of discrepancy.

Could it be that full recruits somehow messed things up?

Not sure. I know someone else has covered this topic before…

To the Search-mobile! :grin:

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The quest is “Mine Iron”, I believe your missing treasure is Iron. IIRC guaranteed loot shows as loot chests to encourage spending gems to continue if your hero team is defeated.

in your case the “missing” 10th item would have been a recruit, but 6 filled up your houses. You most likely would have gotten 7 if your house had the room.

Holy Unexpected Plot Twist Batman ?!

Just ran Mine Iron Easy.

The video shows Food+ Iron = 14250. I got 1000 food and 13250 iron.

It shows 10 loot chests. I got 6 recruits, 1 clean cloth and 2 training manuals ( no heroes or troops found )


I just ran Very Easy on Mine Iron:

So is this a bug, or am I missing something in the way the small chest total is calculated? Mine seems to be off by one, same as WillC23 and GK.

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I’m wondering bug, since when I ran a random Province, the chest matched:


It seems to only happen on the Common/ Easy Quest. Uncommon and Rare Quests have no problems. Full house has no effects because it has happened even when I had plenty of space for recruits. It is only a small bug in the game but for me with O.C.D. It is slight annoying. But thanks for the insight.

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I ran Find Recruits, Very Easy
19 loot chests
15 recruits, 1 common herbs, 1 leather strips, 1 oil= 18

I ran Collect Gems, Very Easy
9 loot chests
5 recruits, 1 common herbs, 1 fine steel, 1 metal ore, 1 gem= 9

So bonus loot quests ( Gems ) works okay, but bonus resources quests ( iron & recruits ) are missing one.

If double loot quests ( rare quests that drop an ingredient and an ascension item ) have a +1 then it may be a deliberate programming decision to subtract 1 loot chest for all quests.

Where is a rare quest like Frostmarch when you need one?

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Find Crafting Items II has four listed loot, and also is bugged.

10 loot chests leads to 5 recruits, two crude iron & two leather strips for stage Easy.

I got to thinking about this situation. I believe it is not an error or glitch or bug. If you do the regular map, where it only cost 3 Flags you wouldn’t get nearly as much experience compared to the quest. So I’m guessing that the extra experience is counted as one of those small chest. BUT I could be wrong. You won’t get an answer from the ddevelopers so I might have the only answer. :joy::joy::joy:

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