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Bug issuesIn the quest part it shows I have a quest when I look there is nothing there and the game has been freezing up for a couple of split seconds

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Same thing is happening to me. :thinking:

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Yeah, I get the 1 for new quest, too.
I have finished all 3 quests, but I still get this.

No, I did not get / do any update, I have version 1.13.2

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SAME. There’s a notification for a new quest, but when I go to look, it’s not available. This just started happening after I updated to this latest version.

Me too :woman_facepalming:

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I have it too. It is making my eyes bleed.

Also have it. It started after getting the update yesterday (which took two dozen tries and pretty much all day from Play Store)

I have the glitch. Did not update yesterday and am not experiencing freezing.

I do hear that freezing can happen if your device software isn’t up to date.

Same here. I updated today but it started before the update and is still like that after it.

Anche a me è successo. L’applicazione è stata aggiornata. Spero si risolve l’errore

I have a problem. The autoplay turns on automatically when I play. I don’t want that to keep happening my moves and hits gets wasted. Are any of the devs concerned with issues I don’t see any replies

My entire alliance is experiencing the bug with the quest showing 1 new quest in red on the icon, but when you click it shows only completed quests. At one point this afternoon it did go away for a little bit, but now is back.

I don’t see anything about another update happening to fix—what is the status of the fix?

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I see 1 as well… seems like a common problem

Is anyone else getting raided by people with much lower team power than you and losing? I open the app and each time I get a message that I have been raided and there is a list of “you lost!” And they are all way less powerful than my raid team. What team are they fighting??

Only on wifi? If yes, I had that as well, and switch over to lte (mobile net, whatever you have), and could play normally. And then after lastest update (36h old, version 1.13.3) everything works normally - no quest issue, no internet issue. Update then see. In meanwhile, test without wifi.

When you look at a player who attacked you, you only see their defense team, not what heroes they may have used to attack you. Some people use a much weaker defense team than they could set because it makes filling their hero chest easier.

Please make individual threads for individual bug topics (search first please for existing topics) so they don’t get lost in a thread like this.

Thank you.

Note: Many experienced the “1” Quest indicator with no quest present. This was handled in another thread, here:

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