Bug in wars- one 1* hero war fix not enough

Please develepors fix the bug in wars wich allows people to set up a defence team excisting of only one 1 star hero the result is when you slay such a team you get almost no points this should be penalized with a 100 points victory bonus.

Slaughter them and enjoy your rewards. See the various other forum posts to get more details on how this is a losing strategy that has never won a victory


That is the problem you only get 7 to 9 points so there is no reward. But what borders me is that the weaker members of my alliance cant battle against a opponend with the same strengh so it takes away the fun of playing wars.

The stronger teams are worth much more, so if you focus on those you should be able to win easy. The total points for all the defense teams of your opponent combined are exactly the same as yours. The difference is those points are concentrated on the few normal teams instead of spread out. If you click on the info button you can see how many points someone is worth. Just compare the strong teams with your own and you’ll see what I mean.

I agree it is not a lot of fun if your opponent does this, I am glad we haven’t come across such a team yet.


I would fix this issue in a very simple way not allowing during war to attack with a team stronger than your defense team. Like this people who are taking out their team from the battlefield wouldn’t be able to attack anymore and people puting only one heros could only attack other players using one hero. It would than be a real disavantadge to use this technique and make war fun again


that is a nice suggestion. I like that. :slight_smile:

THanks used to be my job to find loopholes in games for a while and how to avoid cheating :grin:

It would be very easy to put in place with a small change in the code of the game. And then i believe it would be much for fair like this

Its a pretty bad idea actually.

A lot of players dont use the same heros for offence and defence. This suggestion would force you to use your highest “powered” heros instead of the best defensive heros, thus gimping selectivity.

Just be happy about about facing an alliance with 1x hero 1* defence teams. Enjoy your win.


I don’t use the same heros in defense and offense but the difference is very small in average power between the two teams. Wouldn’t make a big difference in the end but would force everyone to play by the rules and force them to give their best.

The problem is that alliance put only one hero in defense for their weakest member. It is a way a cheating the rules. It is a glitch in the game conception making the war unfair.

The rest of the alliance targets are worth more points.
You have more flags to take them down.

You are benefitting from this dude.


This assuming that all the players have teams able to take down only the strong players left from the alliance. If so yes it is a losing tactic but if you have in your alliance players that are weaker using this one hero bullshit is not a losing tactic.
Take out a defense team that normally would be rewarded 60 points and replace it with a 8 points one. The 54 points left will be redistributed among the other players. So for approxiamtely not even 2 points per member. Normally your weakest member of your alliance could have taken down that 60 points team plus with them respawning etc… by replacing it with a one hero one star team you are changing the odds

As i used to do statistic a lot and made a few simulations before posting here i can tell you that puting 5/6 members with a one star hero in defense is a winning strategy not a losing one. Unless you have for every member in your alliĂ ce 6 teams that match almost your best one which is rarely the case for most players

Of course if an alliance is stupid enough to do that with all their members it is an easy win :grin:

Ok, keep suggesting this fix then. I think its a fix of the symptoms, not the root cause (weird match making)

I dont think your idea is a good one. You think its a good one. We wont get much further.

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Except now the weak player can eliminate 3 teams with ease scoring those points

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True but they used to score more before because the team they used to beat are the same one that are now puting only a one star hero

Correct, but the amount scored by individuals doesn’t matter. The team total is what matters. While they may score a bit less, your bigger hitters will be scoring more

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Other teams do give you more points but you can also attack less teams. Takes away the fun. Victory isn’t always assured. Although i think 95% of the time it will be. They could make a rule that you should at least build a team that is like 60% of the strenght of your strongest team.

To stop cup-dropping a seperate ranking in war could be a solution. Also if it counts towards guildpower it could give extra motivation to get stronger

Another nice suggestion might be to make testfighting your guildies (no rewards) available

What happens when an entire allegiance puts out defensive teams with only a 1* hero? Unless your allegiance uses the same strategy, there is no way you’ll be able to gain as many points as them. We are currently in a war with an allegiance that has 2 members doing this, and one of them is a co-leader. If this starts happening it will ruin wars. I mean what is the point of trying to build 6 tough teams to fight total weaklings? The developers need to block this strategy. What if you attacking teams could only be 2 or 3 hundred more points than your defensive team? That way you would have freedom in building a defensive team, without putying out a total crap team.

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