Bug in Ursena + Mitsuko specials

Ursena & Mitsuko reflects will not run together. Whichever one is used last is the reflect that stays. The other will be lost.

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This is not a bug. @DaveCozy’s status effects thread shows that each reflect overwrites itself (renewing the duration) and the other.


Although a dev has not officially confirmed this, my educated guess is that stacking reflects would be broken if they released more heroes that reflected red, green, and purple (since you could reflect the entire rainbow of special skills at that point).

So that’s likely why they don’t stack together. :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes sense I guess. Just thought I’d seen other reflect buffs run concurrently. Thanks for all of your replies. Cheers


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Ursena and Mitsuko override each other

Steps to reproduce are easy

  1. Fire Mitsuko
  2. Before Mitsuko’s special expires fire Ursena :arrow_right: Mitsuko special disappears from all heroes
  3. Before Ursena’s special expires fire Mitsuko :arrow_right: Ursena special disappears

Order does not matter
Reproduced twice today on raid offense

Repeat; already addressed here recently:

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There is an issue with Mitsuko and Ursena’s special attack as concerned reflection; mitsuko’s reflection for Ice is overwriting Ursena’s reflection for Holy and vice versa! I was using both heroes before and I didn’t had any issue until the last update

No issue. Works as intended and have never been different. Reflect ailments did, do and will overwrite each other.

As above, this isn’t a new change. See the Buffs & Ailments thread by @DaveCozy

📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks


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