Bug in Tournament

Hi everyone.

During a battle in rush tournament i fired custom rigard and it didn’t clean wilbur special (shared damage)
Why was that?

Here is the video.


Sharing damage is a blessing, not an ailment.

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Depends in how much energy all your heroes have.

Well, it isn’t a blessing if an ally has low VIT and he/ she has to share damage, but as a blessing, the only way to get rid of it is that a dispeller hits you (or using Snow white or Guardian Gazelle).

It’s something inflicted by an oponent. I’m sure i had battles against wilbur that rigard cleaned that efect.

Maybe you saw that Rigard cleansed Wilbur’s defense down, but he doesn’t have the power to get rid of sharing damage.

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@Silencio is correct. Cleansing can only remove negative ailments to allies, but not shared damage, which is basically a buff similar to Gunnar and Kailani’s Spirit Link. In the video, costumed Rigard cleansed opponent Wilbur’s defense debuff inflicted on the heroes, not the shared damage.


According to the mechanism of the game, shared damage is categorized as a buff, so it cannot be cleansed by Rigard.

However, I know that in reality we can all agree shared damage is a double-edged sword. It is not much of a blessing if all your heroes are low on health.

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Credit is due to @Silencio.

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