Bug in the packs

It’s not allowing me to purchase anything of the packs…keeps saying issues with server on their end.

Try again later. The connection cannot be completed. Could be glitch on their end.

I get it. I just lost my entire game yesterday and have been playing for 9 months. Got to level 33 and my entire game reset and went back to level 1 out of nowhere.

Got in touch with customer service and hoping they can help me out.

Seems like other players are having issues as well.

I have been in contact with support and they can’t find anything yet. Sorry team youradiva

Not going to give up just wanted to keep anyone informed on my situation.

They asked my screen name, level you are on and what alliance with the leader of the alliance (malicious estate).

So far they have absolutely no record of anything.

Sorry to hear about that your information isn’t found…I’ll probably have the same problem with support…I’m leader of BREATHofFYRE…sorry about caps it’s the way I have it typed…there’s another breathoffire and I had to make something stand out so we wouldn’t get confused.
I’m going to send another ticket in for issue with purchasing packs.

Thanks picmeAletter70

This looks pretty bad right now recovering the work I put in for 9 months. Was on level 33 and although it wasn’t as high as some I had a total top team power of 3525. I think my highest total point player was a red Scarlett 4 stars but had an overall ranking of 751.

Definitely many players have higher but I was getting there.

Support told me to sign in and back out. That didn’t work. Goes immediately to my new screen name only (bullshit12345678). I put in that screen name because I was pissed at losing everything.

Is there anyway you could get a message to the leader of youradiva team malicious estate and let them know that dimaggio0808 (ranked 3rd) for now has lost all of his information from the game and had to start over?

I think this can be done on the overall chat.

Thanks picme and I’ll keep you posted.

Damn…sorry to hear you lost all your information…I don’t use LineApp but will try to send your information to support. I would be pissed also doing all that work and just a blink of an eye it just disappears…hopefully it will get returned.

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