Bug in the knights of Avalon

Good night! The knights of Avalon! Where is my awards for medium level? My rating was 22000. I’ll wait for my awards!!! I have awards for complicated level, but haven’t for medium

These are your rewards for all 3 difficulties.

You have 3 epic troop tokens/WE and raid flasks from legendary + 2 epic troop tokens/WE and raid flasks from epic. This is why they are 5.


You got the exact same as me - exactly as said above

Legendary = 3x WE flasks, 3x Raid Flasks and 3x ETT
EPIC = 2x WE flasks and 2 raid flasks and 2 ETT

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a similar thing happened to my ally, she did not receive awards for completing the legendary stage where You getting 100 emblems do You can get piszesz Of. Of course, it showed that the prizes were received but there were no items in the inventory. The customer support said the rewards were received so bit disapointing after all the hassle of playing the game

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