Bug in summoning

I get à free summoning in my hero chest and when I used it, it run directly for a ten heros summoning without asking for confirmation and stole me 1200 gems for sheety heros and troups. And I’m really shure to tap on the left summoning button and not on the best offert I didn’t want. And there’s normally à confirmation page to validate you agree to spend your gems. I’m really angry an disapointed. Please do something :frowning:

You can try contacting Support, though I’m not sure they’ll do anything for you, unfortunately.

But the Forum is definitely the wrong spot to seek help for this, since no one on the Forum (including Staff) addresses account-specific issues.

Here are the instructions for contacting Support:


I’ll do this now. Thanks a lot…

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The support doesn’t work. They ask to choose à category but you can’t select anything… :confused:

You mean you don’t get any options in this dropdown?

I got the options but I can’t select anything

Hmm, I’m not sure why that would be — it works on my iPhone at least.

Maybe try submitting the ticket from your computer instead? You’ll just need to enter your account ID when prompted, I think.

This is the direct link for submitting a request: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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