Bug in season 3 Province 7 - Boss Stage Enemies not visible but do damage & fire special skills

As soon as I entered boss stage, the boss on the left died immediately without me even touching it with tiles or specials and it disappeared from screen but its special continued to fire. I recorded a video but started a little too late to show how it died as soon as I entered the boss stage.

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I think it’s a visual glitch. I don’t think he died, his graphics probably just did not load properly. The fact that it was still using it’s special skills, means that it was very much alive and kicking. :slight_smile:

Something similar just happened to me on 7-6 normal. Entered the last stage and the middle boss just went poof… no tiles or shots fired… he did steal my mana though.

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In the final wave of season 3, 7-10, the enemy to the left of An-Windr self-destructed before I took any actions.

What happened was the previous wave was defeated, then the final wave loaded up, and pop, self-destruct.

Which version of the game are you running?

It seems that S3-7-10 has had a couple issues with it so far…

@ZyzzyxRoad & @caylagas I have merged your posts together & adjusted the title slightly seeing as you both seem to have had the same issue but on different Season 3 stages

@ZyzzyxRoad, yours was in S3-7-10
@caylagas, yours was on S3-7-8
@Math4lyfe, yours was on S3-7-6

I’ve passed this thread onto the Devs but can I get confirmation which version of the game you are all running? Is it V29.0.0 or V28.1.0?

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Version 28. Version 29 was already released, but not yet available in my app store.


I’m using version 28.1.1, version 29 is not yet available to me.


Yessir. Running 28.1.1.

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