Bug in Raid?

Hi everybody.
Today, during raid i was debuffed with -54% attack. But from which hero? Can anyone clarify this? In the middle was Telluria.

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My post is waiting approval because I used a flagged word that needs moderation, but the short answer is Vela. Vela’s special debuffed the attack of your fire heroes (and not Kunchen).

Editing to include more information from my initial post, which is awaiting approval:

It’s from Vela - she just fired. Take a look at her card. When she fires her special Fire enemies get -54% attack. This is completely consistent with your screen shot; note that Kunchen does NOT have this ailment (as he is not a fire enemy).

I appreciate that you covered up the defender’s name, but this is definitely NOT a bug and I think the second possibility you toss out in your post title is an overreaction, especially given that the defender is by definition offline.



Nicely done

Even after gettin postblocked

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Is It to difficult for you to read hero’s abilities when you are attacking someone?

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Sry i forgot this one…

If you’re satisfied I’d suggest you flag a moderator to close the thread.


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