Bug in raid tournament matching?

I am a strong proponent of the idea that SG is not intentionally putting you down, EnP is not rigged against you. so this behavior, which I encountered this raid tournament, must be a bug in matching algorithm?

so I am coming into the 3rd with a single loss. I win the first fight and the next opponent has a team 450 more TP! four hundred fifty more!!! wth? why is that even possible? that is 4600 TP - that is the are of lvl 30 troops and +18 talents!
so I dropped 3 in a row - there was no chance other than extremely lucky boards, since every loss the next opponent was only 80, then 90 TP weaker. what kind of matching is that?
so I thought I am behind in PoV tournament challenge, so I decided to pay the infamous 75 gems. Haha, the joke is on you, you dumb :poop:, says SG. the next opponent is only weaker by 11 TP! that is eleven! I can pay 75 gems till the end of the tournament, and at this rate I will never get down to where I started today.
this matching needs to be seriously looked into. and if they say it is normal, then they are intentionally making you get kicked out so you pay the gems. and once you paid, they make you lose again, so you pay again!

Matchmaking in tournaments isn’t based on the Team Power…

Team power is an INDICATOR not anything more… You could have a team of 5x +20 Margaret which would have a TP of 4700+… doesn’t make it a good team or difficult to beat…

Tournament Matchmaking is instead based on performance…

At the start of the tournament, players are essentially assigned a offence & defence “rank” (lets call them x & y.
This initial rank offence rank is based on your AVAILABLE heroes strength (excludes heroes who are ineligible for the tournament). I am not 100% sure about the defence value but I think it has to do with the defence team you SET rather than the available heroes…

Once the tournament starts, x & y go up and down based on your offence & defence performance (respectively). You then start getting matched defence teams based on your new x and their new y values…

So essentially as you win more battles, your x value goes up
x(new) = x(old) + victory
as you lose it goes down:
x(new) = x(old) - Defeat

Same thing for defences… as they win they get matched with stronger enemies:
y(new) = y(old) + victory
and as it looses, it goes down & gets matched with weaker enemies:
y(new) = y(old) - Defeat

So from this you can see that team power doesn’t really factor into anything at all… It is very dependent on your initial match-up which is entirely based on the available heroes you COULD use in the tournament (not the ones you DO use).

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is that official? as in confirmed by mods/staff?

so you are saying his defense did so poorly, that he (4600TP) was matched up with me, when even my 5 top power heroes together without any synergy can barely scratch 4200TP?
if your theory is true, then SG devs are some of the most inane ones. their performance based matching is thoroughly abused in raids by cup droppers. now it is abused by alliance shufflers in wars. and they still implement it.
it does NOT work when your “performance” depends quite a lot on luck.
oh well, I just realized that I dont need last level of this stupid tournament challenge to complete path of valor. so I can go back to not caring about it lol.

In tournaments it’s fairly common to find players who sacrifice TP in order to take advantage of the current tournament rules so you should expect to run into big jumps in TP from one opponent to the next. A lot of big accounts choose to run a mono red defense but none of them can actually field a mono red squad that’s close to 4500+ but they could likely field a rainbow 4500+ if they chose to. In my 17 battles so far I’ve faced 8 teams 4500+ and I haven’t lost to any of them. I did lose to this one tho

A mono red 4250 has an advantage so it will perform well. A 4600 defense with buff booster will also perform well so its not unusual to face one right after the other even with the big TP jump.

There have been statements to a similar effect in other threads… I’ve filled in some gaps in the staff responses to explain it as I understand it.

But no, I’m not staff so can’t say for 100% surety.

(P.s. mods are also not staff but community volunteers)

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This, @baga. Facing opponents with larger Team Power discrepancies is more common in the Tournament than in the Raid Arena for the reasons @JLB_ep mentioned. It’s also not uncommon to face jumps in opponent TP when you are a winning streak. The expectation is if you are winning that much, then the competition needs to be tougher. The Raid Tournament doesn’t pair you with an opponent based on # of trophies like the Raid Arena because the Tournament rules (Element Exclusions) and buffs alters the true strength of the player’s whole roster that earned them that current trophy amount.

For the most part there is a direct correlation between # of trophies a player has and level of Team Power of that player’s Raid Defense team. There are a few outliers. This statistic doesn’t apply to the Tournament because there are new and differing parameters that confines the player.

This last tournament, I won 10 of my first 12 matches with a sub-4000 team power offense. I was regularly beating 4100-4300 team power teams, when suddenly I saw a jump and lost my last three straight on Wednesday that halted me in the tournament. I was doing well in this tournament, so I gem continued and won 3 of 5 today.

You will see bigger jumps in player strength in the Tournament than in the Raid Arena. This is not a bug.

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