Bug in new update

I’m getting kicked from the game just was in the Raid and was winning and got kicked out. I’m now afraid what if that happened in Legends of tavern

Try closing all phone app and restart your phone. It should do the trick.

Having the same issue. Kicked from a Titan hit, restarted phone and app. Kicked from a raid.

I was kicked today from a Titan attack.

Have done 2/3 combos… Final Score: 0

Niiice!! Was already unmotivated with this game, thanks for helping me playing less each day SG :slight_smile:

Twice since AR started game froze completely during Season 2- 27-9 on both hard and normal levels. Obviously lost out on the world energy and any possible loot. Both times it happened I was in the boss stage of the level.

Sorry found problem now

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