Bug in my game specifically

I believe there may be a issue with my game specifically. I cannot find or even purchase by chance, any ascension items for 4* heroes. I have invited several friends who now have been playing this game for months and they have loads of these items and receive them randomly whereas, I have been playing for probably a year. I have had 3 trap tools and 3 wooden shields and 2 hidden blades (which I received while attempting to (PURCHASE) (ONE) trap tool for at least 6 months and still can’t ascend my heroes. I participated in endless events and quests and never see even one of the items I need. I think these items are shut off for me and I don’t want to quit. I have spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and still have only 3 trap tools and 3 shields and 2 blades and 2 orbs?? I understand these are rare non-farmable items but 6 months?? Please help… Thank you…

Are you doing all the rare quests?

Approx every 10 days - two element specific or two general non-farmable materials every time, on completion.

Yes but seem to only receive general 3* or an occasional general 4* NON-ascension items.

Here are all the ways of getting them (thanks to @General_Confusion)

Are you maximising your potential?

Are you in the strongest alliance you can be?

Ways to get mats:
Rare Quests: Approx every 1.5 weeks. One 3* and one 4* guaranteed

Challenge events: Once a month typically three 3* guaranteed for legendary and two 3* guaranteed for epic

Seasonal Events: Once a quarter typically a 3* and 4* guaranteed

Hero and Monster chest: Three a day (2 Monster, 1 Hero). x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*

Elemental (rare) chests: Approx every two week. Two chances of x% (good) of 3* or 4*

Titan Loot: 5 days a week killed. If killed: 3 shots and if escaped: 2 shots at x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*

Titan Chest: Once a week. x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*

Alliance Wars: Once a week. If a win: x% (small) chance for 3* or 4*, if loss %x chance (very small) for 3* and 4*

Alliance War chest: Once every 4.5 weeks. Two chances at x% (good) of 3* or 4*

Atlantis (ascension) Chests: Once every 3 months. Guaranteed 3* or 4*

Mystic Vision: Every Day. x% (very small) chance for 3 or 4 star


So you’re playing all the way through Shiloh desert, Morlovia, Farholme Pass etc and on the levels that show orbs, gloves, tomes etc, you’re not getting them?

Ok well I will keep trying to level up my heroes and keep participating but it really seems as though my chances are much lower or have stopped completely.

Key word “chance” RNG can still screw you. They need a guaranteed set of AMs to fully ascend a set of rainbow 5s. And by guaranteed I mean guaranteed. No events, no cruddy RNG rolls. GUARANTEED. PERIOD. I’ve been playing for 1.5 years and have yet to see a full set for 5s and I play religiously.

Yes, the majority of it is RNG, but the OP is suggesting that they suffer a bug preventing them from getting even the guaranteed mats from rare quests.

If you get to the next to last level in a rare quest you will receive a 3 star unfarmable. If you aren’t that is a bug. Note the time and day, and better yet take a snapshot of you rewards as well, then file a in game support ticket.


I would say the RNG IS the bug. Cause now that I think about it, I gave yet to see 1 full set of mats for a rainbow 5 hetween BOTH of my accounts.

I’ve been fortunate in my 12 months to have enough for a rainbow 5* plus an extra yellow, green and purple. And lots of 4*.

I think the rate really increases when you’re able to hit some high level titans and then as you complete events and rare quests.

But I appreciate that others fall foul of RNG more than I have.

Next event, take pictures of the loot…show what you have, and then any gain from the completion. Seems weird that the game has singled you out. Props to you for sticking it out for a year or so with getting squat.

Thank you all for your input. I was just beginning to think there was something wrong with my account internally. Sorry for any “drama” whereas I distain drama personally. I will continue the wait. Wish me luck!

Hey @BakedCoefficient Farholme Pass is available as a rare quest today - gloves and tome available if you can do level 4 and 5.

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