Bug in my game please help! Lost hotm! Help

UNDER were it says summons it ALWAYS SAYS free wether I have gems,tokens or none of them it always says FREE…when I just spent 300 on the event summon and I never received my hero I got Berlin…Then I got the bonus draw I got the hotm!! But I never received this purple hero of September…PLEASE HELP…here is a pic of the free…that never leaves…

You will have to put in a ticket to support. Nobody in the forum can do anything. https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000542934-How-to-Contact-Support-v1-9-7-onwards-

The 0 summon notification badge issue has been fixed in the latest update (version 15). Please update your game!

Regarding your lost hero, please contact support so we can investigate the case.

I can’t get in the raids

Hello Petri. How can I let Giant games investigate my 200€ that i’ve spent yesterday and i didnt get Any 5* pirate? My daughter wanted lady locke (she is 8). How can I explain that we Don’t get What we want?! Such a weaste of money… i know im stupid that i’ve paid 1000€ in ur Game.

Hi ive just levelled up a hero and the special skill improved to 7 then did it again and it went bavk yo 6???

Seriously? Dude… It’s all about luck.