"Bug" in map all seasons

For some time, when I attack the titan and on the map I get the option to automatically exit the show every so often, it is very annoying, I have deleted the game and returned to install it and it seems that it is fixed but in the following days it starts again, I am tired of deleting and reinstalling the game every two or three days, there must be some solution. Delete and reinstall is only a temporary solution ! Please help me if somebody know how can I fix this . Thank’s .4 de junio de 2021 - YouTube. This is a video with “the bug”

Is it only in EP or also in another games/apps? If it present in other apps, it might be your touchscreen but if it is only in EP, it might be bug.

Have you install the latest update?

@Guvnor need to be moved to bug category

Yes I have install the last update and yes is only en E&P .Only in map and titan ,war and raid it’s everything fine.

It looks like some other app is clicking the top of the screen, first in the top right (causing the “do you want to leave the battle” popup) and later in the top left (causing the chests information to appear).

If I were you I’d check that I don’t have autoclicker apps installed and if all else fails I would restore my phone to the factory state

Thanks for help,I change the screen protector in my phone and now work fine, I hope it continues like this !


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