Bug in gobblers special?

I dont have video of this, but in this current war i attacked a team with these heros:
Azlar, Aeron, Delilah, Alasie, Zeline

And my team had:
Skittleskull, Rigard, Colen, Gobbler, Wu Kong

Delilah had gone off twice so everyone had two minions. I had not used Wu at all and Aeron hadnt fired either. Clicked on Alasie so she was selected and hit Gobblers special. It ate all the minions EXCEPT Alasie’s. There was no “Miss” flag shown and since neither Wu nor Aerons special was up, it shouldn’t have missed anyway.

Sadly, no videos or screenshots - no proof :unamused: Can you try this out in a raid, perhaps? If so, take some screenshots and post them here. I doubt you’ll get the exact lineup but it could help.

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