Bug in Berden- 3* 3.50 special skill not 8/8

A problem with Berden.keep feeding him heroes but he doesn’t level up or go to talent grid! Screenshot_20190427-074515_Empires|243x500

@Michaelangela599 this often happens with 3s and is not specific to Berden. It’s also not a bug. Since there are fewer levels in a 3 than a 4 or 5, there’s not as many opportunities to level up the special skill.

If you search the forums you will find many posts complaining about 3*s not reaching 8/8 on their special skill. It is a known frustration for the community, but, again, not a bug.

I believe the devs also recently introduced a solution to this situation - once the hero is fully leveled, feeding it another of itself (Berden in this case) will give it a 100% chance to level the special.

@zephyr1 tagging you so you can confirm that (really tired and my brain is trying to go to sleep on me :rofl: ) and also to move out of the bus & issues category.


An update was made to make it easier to get the SS on maxed 3 stars - to take them to 8/8

@zephyr1 wrote about it here

It’s not a bug so I’ll move it the general category in case other players also have questions about it.


I fixed the screenshot so it’s visible here. The exclamation mark needs to be next to the square bracket, and there needs to be space between the last word on that line and the exclamation mark :slightly_smiling_face:


@princess1 thanks for finding that reference and moving to the correct category. :grin:


You’re good :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the info

My Berden is not bugged…
Special skill should be 8-8 when he is maxed…

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The tournament makes me powerleveling my slow rares and it seems that noone but Ulmer reaches full special before maxed. Ulmer also got the first node to tank the next days. First node seems to be pretty useful for rares, but they’re not worth to get more emblems imo.

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Your current Berden is at 4/8, you should leveling up until 8/8.
My suggestion is feed him *2 green 4x or 1x dup Berden or other option which is 100% guaranteed to skill.

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Special is 8/8 when you max it.

This is really a topic? Smh…

@LucasDaoc No, thats another person, you should see at the thread topic starter…
see this: Level 3.50 (max), Skill: 4/8
@Michaelangela599 does not understand that skill must be at 8/8 to open the talent grid.
And of course its not a bug.

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Yes, feeding the same 3* to the 3* who’s special you’re trying to level (Berden to Berden, Bane to Bane, etc) will increase its special from 1/8 to 2/8 etc.

I can confirm this; I’ve used it many times. :slight_smile:

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