Bug? in Alliance War – Enemy Specials Fired After My Team is Defeated

Hello, ive been experiencing something strange in my last 2 attacks in our guilds AW.

As soon as my team got wiped out, the remaining opposite heroes used their special ability.

I dont know if i am wrong but shouldnt the match be over as soon as anyones team is defeated?

In my case Belith kept healing the opposite team after mine got destroyed.

Thanks and greetings

Maybe depends on whose turn it was as you got killed.

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This happens sometimes. I’ve seen it too. I believe that the game checks to see who has won only at the end of a turn. This means that enemies with specials charged when your last hero dies will still fire them off. So I believe it’s working as designed.


This is my experience too. It actually happens in raids as well, but typically with no effect, unlike War. I agree, I think it’s by design.

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Totally normal which is why I always flee if I know I am going to lose on enemy aid and also if there’s a healer that will fire.

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Yes. That’s normal. I’ve seen quite often that defense skills like healing got activated nevertheless that I am dead and defeated. Never seen this with an offensive skill…

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There’s a few bugged offensive heroes, like Natalya (I think, I never see her anymore, she has the burning chains special), that fire even if the rest are dead, she actually hits herself.

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