Hello! I just harvested on S1P8S7 and got just 4 monsters. Usually one gets about 10-11. Anyone else noticed/ had this issue?

Sounds like you accidentally fled or got disconnected from the battle after just the first wave?

Or you have a green elemental chest, ran it twice and only the two green bosses at the end (rightly) counted. :smile:

S1:8-7 should count for minimum 11 monsters, maximum 14.

4 stages, 3 regular and one boss stage.

Each regular stage has 3-4 monsters, boss stage has two.

If you got less than 11, you either have a bug, or you got disconnected during the fight, or you’re not filling a regular monster chest.

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Right! So since the other options are not available, it’s a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed.

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Can you provide more info or even reproduce it?

I think you need to #contact-support and submit a support ticket so SG staff can look into logs and analyze your issue.


Thank you. I will do it next time. Now i think it’s too late.

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