Bug: Guardian Gazelle no mana

During a match in the war,
Ik was playing mono yellow.
I combined 3 yellow Stones trough the middle. With no Hero in the middle
All Heroes received mana but Guardian Gazelle did not.
Unfortunately i didn’t record this game.
Ik do have a screenshot. But i noticed after firing the first.

Had she been hit by Onatel, who steals mana?

Had she been hit by Onatel, who steals mana?

The screenshot is as murky as my coffee. I don’t have an issue with my 2 maxed Guardian Gazelles generating their mana.

File a support ticket.

No it wasnt, only for the other 3 and even they maxed their mana

Did Costume Kadilen’s Sorcerer Talent “Delay” Proc on Gazelle? That halves the mana gained.

For sure Onatel fired (her element link is on) and she stole the mana from Gazelle. Don’t have problems with my gazelle and reading the posts above this is the only logic explanation to your problem.

No, she didn’t she fired in the three in the right side. There is no straling icon, Delilah does have it. And even she was full. The only one that not gain mana was gazelle. The rest received it.
Also when kadilen c has have infected gazelle, she does receive mana.
Really, there was no mana affecting status on gazelle

Ok read the card and onatels elemental link goes 6 rounds and the stealing 4 rounds. Sorry have no more ideas and with this screenshot and no replication or video it is impossible to figure out.

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