Bug - Guardian Gazelle Dancers not dispelling all status effects

Hi folks, I just activated Guardian Gazelle’s special in a friendly battle and all dancers still suffered the status effect caused previously by Tell. Can this be looked at please. Thank you, Arrowman. :+1:

Did you grab a screenshot?
If not, can you reproduce the bug and screenshot?

I have just tried it. I have the video but effin lazy to upload it first to YT before I can post it here since it is darn to long to do so. Maybe later.

All I can say is that Gazelle removes the mana speed ailment caused by Telluria.

I tried it again and it didn’t happen. All was good. I’ll keep an eye out for it and if it happens again I’ll screenshot it. :+1:

Do you remember if there was Skadi in the opponents team as well? I think her frost damage and mana reduction can’t be dispelled by gazelle.

OP was talking about the mana ailment caused by Telly.

Yeah, i understood that as well, but was wondering if there might be some confusion with Skadis mana reduction. :wink:

Actually it may have been Skadi’s mana reduction. Skadi was on the team. My apologies for my error.

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