BUG? Finley special not chaining vs. Monk resist

Hi all.

Was warring with yellow mono and had elemental link going and several other buffs when Finley shot Joon in the face.

My cringe became a hoot of happiness as Joon’s monk resist popped up and no defense down and no chain hit through my yellow team.

Is this working as intended? Doesn’t seem so reading the card.



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Doubt it’s intended

I don’t think a miss breaks the chain(though if it did then rogue would be the one to break the chain, not monk…)

I play with fin a lot but don’t recall playin thru blinds due to yellow tanks in wars and typically what i hunt for in raids cause of wars(in other words, i typically charge, cleanse, then fire due to ariel so i rarely hit blind)

Joon took the hit but reisted the defense down and no one else got hit or defense down status at all. Doesn’t follow card as my guys all should have been hit and only Joon resist the defense down with monk ability.

Ah well, very situational and not surprised it hasn’t come up often/ at all.


I stand corrected btw

A miss or dodge does break the Finley chain just like it does with misandra(forgot about her at the time since i haven’t leveled her yet)

Now with that being said it would take a dev to draw the line between “if effect misses but damage hits then chain continues” or “chain stops if either part of the special misses”

I’m guessing the latter based on your experience. But if it’s not intended then it’s a bug


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