Bug, Feature or Bad Luck - Doubling Colors in Attack teams during AW gives low number of tiles of that color?

I do not disagree with your satisfaction. In fact, there are days where it seems I get a lot more than my share of terrible boards-- no matter how strong my deck is or what I bring out (3/2,4/1,5,etc)

There are some days where I know I only play because A) I’ve already spent so much and B) I feel like I let my alliance down if I didn’t.

I think it is just mostly bad luck.

Of course I get several situations where I color stack and every tile on my starting board is the opposite color. I try to salvage what I can, sometimes I can bring up enough of the “right” colors before my heroes die, but not always.

On the other hand, I’ve also had boards that were quite nice for my color stack, giving me very impressive titan scores and handing me AW victories over higher leveled opponents.

I think the issue is not that the RNG is completely unbalanced overall (because if you average it out over time, it averages out over time, LOL)… the issue is that some days you can have several bad boards in a row, and when that happens, in that moment, it really seems like something fishy is going on. :confused:


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@PeachyKeen Same for me, I keep playing because of the money spent and aliance obligation.
@TGW happens sometimes too often to be called bad luck.
I think there is something messed up in the algorythm, because, as i read in the other topics, the board in the begining is semi random justo to allow to have a move every time. They say if ot was true random that sometimes in the begining the board would have to resuffle because no combo wpuld be present.
My opinion is that this and raid and titan logic that the AI targets specific heroes on your atack team regardinf how much mana you have and strenght of your heroes, affects the board and the colour stacking ends bad for you. Also think this should be fixed.
This morning (purple titan 12*) i attack with 5 holy heroes, 3 attacks, had a total of 8 yellow shields on the begining, got up to 20k damage thanks to tornadoes and time stops. By the time i got some decent number of yellow tiles on the board, 2 of my heroes were dead.
These situations make me feal that the board is not random, and this is a way to makse us spend more resources and money to have a fighting chance
And this is the feeling that i dont like.

If it was rigged you would lose more than half your attacks even with a superstar team and seeing how evey0nes goes on about field aid each time it’s in the AW Rotation , everyone would be complaning daily about rigged boards

Too often to be called bad luck? I think you underestimate how bad luck can be.

I wish I had kept all the stats on my loot and pulls compared to others in my alliance. I am living proof that a single person can be extraordinarily unlucky.

It’s not just this game. Have you ever played roulette? The most basic bets are odd/even or black/red. Just over 47% chance to win on either bet. The results of previous spins are usually posted.

Let’s say the wheel has landed on black 5 times in a row. At this point, everyone (myself included) thinks that red is “overdue”, so we bet on red. Black comes up again. And again. And again. What the hell, it’s rigged, I think to myself, so I decide to bet on black. That’s when red comes up. :man_facepalming:

Okay, okay, maybe it’s going red now… bet on red… black comes up.

Dammit, it’s gone back to black. Bet on black. Red comes up.

What the hell. Alright, going with red then. Let it ride.


Seriously??? Okay, I’ll bet on black.



So yeah. It’s entirely possible that RNG just hates you as much as it hates me.

I do find I odd I can tell if 1 I’m gonna lose, 2 ok I may win 3 iv got this
Just by looking at my starting board, 95% of the time I am right!
Iv watched enough raid videos on trying to get the boards to become good boards for you! Just don’t work for me :woman_shrugging: The other 5% is bad and iv lost anyways haha!

Well the AI is not random. There is logic behind it, so you are not wrong about that. The computer will target certain heroes or circumstances and it can be frustrating. But… if i were playing versus a human, they may be even harder. So I don’t know which i prefer.

I agree that it certainly seems that way. You can randomize a skewed algorithm though in all.truth.