Bug, Feature or Bad Luck - Doubling Colors in Attack teams during AW gives low number of tiles of that color?

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

That has happened to me for a second time in Alliance Wars, so I was wondering what might be the case here.

When I doulbe / triple / quadruple a hero color in Attacks for alliance wars, it seems that number of tiles for that color decreases significantly, especially on the starting board. In the first instance I did triple a color and received exactly one tile of that color on starting board. Today during the new AW, I have doubled again and have received 3 tiles spread across the board. On top of that, defence teams seemed to focus that color, but I might be wrong about that.

Two other members from our alliances reported similar events - 3 times to one of them and another 1 time for the other.

I have never encountered this on Titans, World Map, and Offensive Raids.

P.S. It seems if you double two colors on your team it wont happen.


Bad luck, I think.
This has happened to me in raid attacks several times … and don’t even get me started on the titan :wink:

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Refer to

It’s only bad luck.

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Everything is random. The developers didn’t code it so that tiles don’t appear for you’re strong color it’s just totally random. I’ve gone in to attack a Titan with four reds and have gotten tons of reds and hit for 70k, then I’ll hit for 10k the next two times because it’s random.

I just tripled a red and got a red diamond first match.

Well while the sample size is not big, it is in a short period of time. @2Spookd I know the topic that you’ve quoted and statistics backed-up the randomness for that topic. I mean I’ve had some crappy boards before.

I am currently asking specifically for Attack teams on AW.

Can you collect some data when you double triple a color in AW Attacks so I can rest easy :smiley:

I wouldn’t because I trust SG designed the boards the exact same as in every other aspect of the game. Random. In that thread I even poke fun at the OP, showing a board obviously in my favor when I doubled up on a color for a raid. On my 2nd War fight I went 5x green (low lvl) to clean up a blue hero, the hero was dead in one move. In short, I don’t believe conspiracy theories…

Pic for fun.

Seriously, are we going to rehash this same tired debate…there are already a very long thread about this topic…I believe it was posted above.

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Cool, thanks! I guess just bad luck in that case. I thought it could be just AW related bug/feature not affecting raids and etc. as I’ve read the other topic yesterday and I know it was disproved there for those.

Anyway, thanks again

It is SO improbably that SG wrote a different tile-drop algorithm for AW than it uses everywhere else. Let’s just let this idea die its natural death, please.