Bug, Feature or Bad Luck - Doubling Colors in Attack teams during AW gives low number of tiles of that color?

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That has happened to me for a second time in Alliance Wars, so I was wondering what might be the case here.

When I doulbe / triple / quadruple a hero color in Attacks for alliance wars, it seems that number of tiles for that color decreases significantly, especially on the starting board. In the first instance I did triple a color and received exactly one tile of that color on starting board. Today during the new AW, I have doubled again and have received 3 tiles spread across the board. On top of that, defence teams seemed to focus that color, but I might be wrong about that.

Two other members from our alliances reported similar events - 3 times to one of them and another 1 time for the other.

I have never encountered this on Titans, World Map, and Offensive Raids.

P.S. It seems if you double two colors on your team it wont happen.


Bad luck, I think.
This has happened to me in raid attacks several times … and don’t even get me started on the titan :wink:


Refer to

It’s only bad luck.


Everything is random. The developers didn’t code it so that tiles don’t appear for you’re strong color it’s just totally random. I’ve gone in to attack a Titan with four reds and have gotten tons of reds and hit for 70k, then I’ll hit for 10k the next two times because it’s random.

I just tripled a red and got a red diamond first match.

Well while the sample size is not big, it is in a short period of time. @2Spookd I know the topic that you’ve quoted and statistics backed-up the randomness for that topic. I mean I’ve had some crappy boards before.

I am currently asking specifically for Attack teams on AW.

Can you collect some data when you double triple a color in AW Attacks so I can rest easy :smiley:

I wouldn’t because I trust SG designed the boards the exact same as in every other aspect of the game. Random. In that thread I even poke fun at the OP, showing a board obviously in my favor when I doubled up on a color for a raid. On my 2nd War fight I went 5x green (low lvl) to clean up a blue hero, the hero was dead in one move. In short, I don’t believe conspiracy theories…

Pic for fun.

Seriously, are we going to rehash this same tired debate…there are already a very long thread about this topic…I believe it was posted above.

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Cool, thanks! I guess just bad luck in that case. I thought it could be just AW related bug/feature not affecting raids and etc. as I’ve read the other topic yesterday and I know it was disproved there for those.

Anyway, thanks again

It is SO improbably that SG wrote a different tile-drop algorithm for AW than it uses everywhere else. Let’s just let this idea die its natural death, please.


My experiance is that the tiles are not random at all, it’s not possible to have such bad luck. Eg. Titan battle with 5 yellow heroes, and can’t fill the ss of Guardian jackal in 5-6 or even more moves. Frustrating to say the least…

Your experience with RNG is not unlike others.

The tiles are random, this has proved out.

It is more unlikely to get a good board than a mediocre or bad board.

Case and point: I almost always go 4:1 on titans (dark I go mono holy), hit about 200k average on 11*, sometimes 300k. Today… I got 2 matches of 3 red tiles and scored 3k on a hit, with only 1 single match that stunned the titan. I was dead within 30 seconds.
I’ve done 95K versus this exact titan before.



Strongly disagree, the one you describe happens for me every 10th hit on the titan, and also in raids. I tested this in raids with mono blue team, i have won souly on brute force because heroes are maxed an have a large number of emblems. Not random, not possible to have such bad luck.

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If you disagree with me on this, you’re ignoring the cold hard facts that are not only acknowledged by many of my fellow players but ratified by the developers.

THE ONLY board manipulation that is in place is to keep the board from having a match at the very start. That is it.

You can disagree with the truth all you like, and I commend you for your ability to do so… but you are still wrong.

And i say you are wrong. And now we can be at this standstill forewer.
Lets agree to.disagree.
I’we been playing for ower a year now and i know what happens to me with boards, and i know what my aliance co-players say.

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I guess the case is that you believe the developers are lying.

At least we have that established.

They are not lying of course, statiscics will alvays show what they need to be shown. But this much bad luck is not what you call random.
I work in sales, and am very familiar haow to set the stats in your favor. So to be clear I am not acusing anyone on lying, just stating my experiance and my dissatisfaction and frustration with this aspect of the game

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But you are stating that the tiles are not random. The developers say they are. So one of you is wrong.

Therefore, as logic permits, you claim them to be liars because that is the only way your perspective can be true.

Unless You are actually saying “i FEEL LIKE the tiles are not random, but my brain knows that they are. i am just mad/dissatisfied” in which case, I shake your hand and chalk it up to miscommunication.

Nowadays I run 3-2 in war, and yep, sometimes the board is difficult to work with.
And sometimes it’s fairly neutral.
And sometimes it’s really great.

The bad ones are just more memorable, because we expect neutral or better.

Titans are harder, because you really need to hit the stuns on the big ones, or perish. Trying to get stuns and nice colour matches is an interesting exercise, but some people manage to do it very well, and very consistently. (Not me, I still use Wu.)

Actually this is the case @PeachyKeen, i feel like they are not random, and am inclined to say they aren’t also stand by my previous statement that every statistics can be rigged. I am dissatisfied with gameplay when i have the feeling like there is something being rigged.