Bug - Evelyn's Elemental Link is buffing non-green heroes (defense only)

So, typical Wednesday, I log my accounts and go to war. I’m in a small alliance, so it’s only a 2v2 war.

One of the defense teams has Evelyn, a green 5-star hero with an “elemental link” ability that heals all heroes that share a color with her for 4% health every turn.

When her special goes off, all heroes, including non-green heroes on the defense team, receive the buff and are healing 4% of their health each turn.

I have Evelyn on one of my two accounts, and tried to duplicate it on offense by running s1:8-7 with a rainbow team, but none of my other heroes received the elemental link. This leads me to believe the bug can only be duplicated on a defense team.

I then went to raids, re-rolled about 200 times until I found a defense team with Evelyn on it. Triggered her special by hitting her with enough shields, and she did not spread the buff to non-green allies. Therefore, I can only assume that this bug is glitched in wars.

Were there another 2018 HOTM in the other team?
If yes, then Evelyn applied the HOTM Family Bonus which affects all allies.


It’s 100% certain it will be this. I use Hel & Athena for the same reason in my Rainbow farm team as when one fires everyone gets the 15% attack & def.


The defense team (left to right) was:

  1. Vela (2020) 2. Evelyn (2018) 3. Richard (no costume) 4. Delilah (2018) and 5. Domitia (no costume).

I managed to grab this screenshot right before I lost the fight on my last flag, and as you can see, Vela has both a blue and a green elemental link buff, as well as Delilah and Domitia.

Yes, both Evelyn and Delilah are 2018 HOTM resulting in their elemental link to be applied to all allies
( regardless of their element).

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Thank you for the clarification. Apologies folks!

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