Bug Elena beeing dispell

2h03 french a.m.
During raid, I faced elena’s special, so she had her ripost. I killed her with my sonya’s special, but she then turned Ghost as she will be revived because of her class.
The problem was that she revived with her ripost… (that my Sonya had just dispell??)
Clearly that’s a malfunction I think.
Thank you by avance having a look on it.
Best regards.

Sonya hits first then dispells. The hit killed Elena and she was already dead when the dispell happened so she was not dispelled. Then she revived with the same buffs and ailments that she had when she died. It’s also explained here.


For me, there is no order, unless stated in the special skill as, when a special has different effect, they are not listed with numbers (number one, two…etc) but they are listed with dot, like paragraphe. So all the effect of a special happen at the same Time, unless stated differently.

But that’s not how it works. The effects normally happen in order. That’s how the game works and has worked as long as I’ve played.

Otherwise I’d question why the dispel didn’t happen first as it does for someone like Kage who has a specific order to his skills.


I’m still not convinced by the order. But I’ll have to do with it, okay.:sweat_smile:
Thank u for your answers, anyway. :smiley:

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There’s definitely an order!

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