Bug during wars

Hello i win against a team, during the war but the game are crashed and i win O pts… Can i have my real points before the final war… PLEASE!

Ho avuto un problema in un attacco…ho ucciso il nemico NICOLAS… però poi mi si è sconnesso e mi ha azzerato l’attacco togliendosi una vita…e al nemico NICOLAS non è stato neppure scalfito…vorrei riavere il mio attacco grazie.

This just happened to me, too. After I won a match, the game said something like “Request could not be completed.” It then showed that I had a zero score for that match.

I wouldn’t be nearly as pissed if the game hadn’t stolen one alliance war energy and five of my best heroes during the middle of a war. There’s no reason this glitch has to completely screw over the attacking player. Just make it like the match never happened.

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It’s really horrible, i had it happen to me on titan. But they can’t make it so the attack never happend or people would ”lose connection” untill they one shot the enemy.

Why don’t all of my teams players show up for war? Some of my team mates have 700 trophies and are not able to compete in the war. Thank you for any help.

They need to be level 12 to be able to enter.

Happened to me twice in 2 wars in the row. And always on the first attack when you tend to use your best heroes. Defeated the opponents but get zero point.

I also had a Bug during war. I played against a strong opponent, iwon with 2 Heros left, but i got 0 points. No loss of connection, but the Heros are out of game

Same here (NomadicScorpio1893 vs. Dmitry). No connection problems, no error messages, just plain 0 after a victory. My best team is now “used”. :frowning:

Here the same problem too. I won my war against Martin. But in the end i received 0 points and Martin was still standing. I had no communication problems.


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I watched that team die and my game did not crash why was I not awarded the points so that my Alliance member could attack someone else. I mean if your going to mess it up at least make sure it doesn’t prevent us from getting a chance to reuse those heroes.

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That has happened to me twice…2 pts the first time…and 1 point on the next time…Wish I could get those back…

Our alliance got screwed out of more than 250 points and lost due to this war bug. And it was regarding several heroes, not just the precious yellow 5s. Maybe next update you can have a button for those alliances that want to ‘OPT OUT’ of warring. Losing members due to this, I hope the devs are also losing money…

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I am a member of the I C Inc. Alliance. In our last war there was only one very high level squad that was defending. Difficult to beat. Every time he was defeated he regenerated immediately. We beat him several times and he popped back up instantly fully intact. We won the war but received very low level gifts for the win. It felt like our opponent was cheating somehow. All of us felt like we got burned from a fair war and decent gifts for giving it our all.

Thankfully having the latest Android version of Empires & Puzzles, I nor anyone else in my alliance experience this anomaly… with this last AW! Thank God! LOL! :slight_smile:

All of our alliance updated right before engaging in the war. So that cannot be the issue.

Don’t worry, your winning margin doesn’t count at all. It’s the same if you win 5k to 2,5k or 3,6k to 3,4k. War loot is just almost always garbage :slight_smile:

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