BUG : Did not receive POV level 31 rewards

This morning i was half way through 30 level of pov.
After i completed some requirements i jumped to level 32 at once and I received the rewards.(2 x 250 k iron and 1 x250 k food).After i checked my logs i found out that lvl 31 reward ( hardwood lumber), wasnt there.
Its not that i desperately need those hardwood lumbers, but i think this is an issue worth mentioning, especially if there are better rewards to come.
And there will be better ones for sure, i just want to know if anyone else experienced this or is it smthng im missing.
I repeat those lumbers arent that important but to lose the next ones will be frustrating, especially when im paying for premium.
Here is a screenshot

PS: sorry for any mistakes english is not my native language.

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Is this the right topic to report this?
It is the first time im opening a thread that’s why im asking.
I expected a faster response.

I’ll go ahead and tell you what the moderators and probably anyone else here would tell you…

The moderators here are not actual SG employees. They do not have the ability to fix account issues.

SG employees do occasionally read the forum, but the best way to contact them directly about an account issue is through the in-game support.

If that is not working, you could also try here: Small Giant Games Support (helpshift.com)


@TGW has summarised the situation accurately :+1:

You can report a support ticket as he said, they can actually take a day or two to resolve.

I suggest you scroll back a little further in your Activity Log and see if you picked it up earlier without realising, that happens quite often when people report similar issues - it’s easy to tap through several screens and miss something.

I hope you find it, but if not, submit a ticket :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you guys, i submitted a ticket.
And yes i rolled back and didnt find it, i double-checked. Its a 3* material so i would notice it.
The reward should have been there cause i completed both at the same time. ( from 30 to 32 straight ). I went further back and thers no x10 lumber hardwood anywhere. I first got my challenge rewards and then some pov ones.
Thanks for the replies really helpful, appreciate it


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