Bug Delilha

Delilha Vs Thoth Amun… I made a couple of calls and i ha delilha… Cirious to tra his special i put in team whit thoth amun… The problem IS That thoth can Have 3 servants end every time delilha creates one goes to remove the existing one

It isn’t a bug. There can only be 3 minions active on one hero at a time. It works as a first in first out system. Similar to how if you have two heroes with the same ability the hero that last cast the buff or debuff is the one that is active.



It is also nice since minions don’t heal, so replacing the oldest one gives you one with fresh HP.

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no no no does not exist right … I bought my toth because he had 3 servants … I bought delilha because from 3 servants … no one wrote that one remains screwed so … then that they give more defense and more attack to all equal to 3 seritori, not that I spoil a purple hotm because they do things and then they realize they have done something stupid.

The game does this elsewhere, in that heroes with similar specials overwrite each other and do not stack (Grimm and Tiburtus, for example, or Gunnar and Kailani).

It is working as intended.


I will note that this interaction was discussed on the forums by beta testers prior to Delilah ever being available.

This game has a number of interactions which are uncertain without testing, so I recommend looking on the forums or posting questions in advance if you have any doubts about how heroes will work.

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I am definitely not a beta tester, but that was the place I went, to see if I wanted to try for Delilah. It is a great place to ask questions to beta testers about up coming heroes of the month. Well not May they will probably make a different thread for that one. :blush:

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