Bug: Costumed Bane fullscreen hero pic alignment bug

Starting point: you have Bane L50 with an L1 costume.

  1. Go to Heroes.
  2. Click on Bane (default costume, “Equip >” visible)
  3. Click Equip > (bane changes to Noble Brawler)
  4. Click Magnifying Glass to view Bane, Noble Brawler (full screen)
  5. Click Back
  6. Bane reduces in size (BUG: to an incorrect X,Y origin)
  7. Click < Equip (BUG: Bane shifts up and right)

Repeat the same process with but skip Step 3 (that is view Bane, Noble Defender (default) full screen). When you press back and then Equip > Bane DOES NOT SHIFT POSITION.

I know you’ll be losing sleep over this one.

(Android 9, Nokia 6.2).

EDIT: added photos in reply below and change Android 10 to 9 to reflect reality. It’s not the wrong X,Y it’s actually not rendering a consistent frame from Bane’s animation sequence.


Got some pictures?

20 costumes

Doesn’t happen to me.

My dressed Bane only has ugly lady shoes and a weird posture.

Screenshots. It’s pretty obvious Bane is in two[edit: three][different frames in his animation sequence.

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