Bug:cobalto 3x vs dark knight Deridi

I have see a video whit 3x attack of cobalt not do damage on black knight by Deridi protection? Why?
3x have 100% of chance of bypass the Deridi protection

Black Knight doesn’t dodge the hit, he is reducing the damage to one.

And it would appear that Taunt isn’t included in ‘defensive buffs’

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As far as I understand.

When you use 3xCobalt, first of all Taunt is solved which means Black Knight and only Black Knight is the target. Taunt is not something that can be bypassed.

After that Cobalt damage is solved. If Black Knight has defensive buffs, they are all bypassed so full damage is sent to Black Knight.

After that, “Just a flesh wound” is solved. If Black Knight succesfully applies flesh wound, all the damage sent to him is reduced to 1.

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Thanks for the replies

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