Bug: Chat window not working

The Chat function seems to not be working and just showing the loading ring.

iOS with Ver 35.1

I have closed and reopened the app several times

That happened to me all the time since years ago. My easy fix is I turn off all my app, restart the phone and open the game. It fixes 100% of the time.

No need to restart your phone. Just close the game and open it again.

@Nikita1 I have already done that several times with no improvement.

@Ultra I haven’t rebooted the phone itself yet. I will try that now

Lol. Read again the original post:

While it sometimes fixes this issue, closing and reopening the game app does not always fix the chat bug for me. As I have said, this has been a recurring problem I have experienced for years. Didn’t bother to raise it here since I found an easy fix.

Power cycling the phone solved it thank you both for assisting!

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