Bug causes jump to top when scrolling down event leaderboard

When I am scrolling down the leaderboard of the monthly event the list sometimes just suddenly jumps back to the top. This has happened repeatedly. It usually happens the first time when I reach about ranks 20-30. Sometimes it happens several times before I am able to scroll to the bottom.

First I thought it might be to short disconnects, but it also happened at home where I have a stable connection.

Here is a video of it, you can see it once at the beginning and towards the end a second time:

Phone used: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro


Just noticed: Same happens when scrolling down the rewards list

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Go higher on the leaderboard so that you don’t have to scroll

I’ve had similar to this happen too…
I thought it was because it was live updating…
Super annoying & frustrating SGG!

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